Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management (IFF) University of Stuttgart – Research Partner

The Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management (IFF) at the University of Stuttgart orients research and education towards sustainable production (technologies) of the future. Guidelines are derived from technological challenges of future product generations. Due to close interdisciplinary cooperation, the implementation of new technologies and methods is especially efficient.

IFF closely cooperates with the Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, IPA and other partners in a strategic network headed by Prof. Engelbert Westkämper. This cooperation model allows interdisciplinary research from the institutes and additional partners from within and outside university structures in Germany and Europe. New ICT technology supports regionally cross-linked R&D work.

Long-term experience in a collaborative research centre and an industrial transfer project, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), underline the institute’s competencies in the field of transformable enterprise structures in serial production.

Scientific Focus within the Vertumnus Project

Concerning the Vertumnus project, the main goal of the Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management (IFF) is the methodic description and systematic acquisition of transformable objects within value-adding networks. Possible transformable objects are not only production systems in use, but also production organization and production planning or ICT structures and systems.

Based on this, the design of possible transformability enablers will be systemized, integrating research results on transformability drivers. This will allow enterprises to quickly adapt to changes in their environment and to closely cooperate with partners within the network. The goal is to change from re-action to pro-action, i.e. acting in advance when facing possible changes. IFF’s focus lies on work package 3.

Additionally, the institute coordinates the development of a software prototype and designs the overall architecture in agreement with all project partners.


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