Project Details

Aims and objectives Vertumnus aimded to develop an early diagnosis system for identification, measurement, and evaluation of change drivers within a value creation network. A prototype has been developed to combine related enablers and drivers of change and to indentify the best possible level of implementation. A transfer and consultancy concept ensured the application of the early diagnosis system which has been used by our industry partners.

Current situation Up to now research work on organisational change focused on individual companies exclusively. A transfer of findings and concepts to value creation networks had not yet happened. In addition, forecasted change (change drivers) had not yet been implemented into available solutions (change enablers) for value creation networks. Current methods for evaluating the ability to manage organisational change (under economic aspects) were complex, time-consuming and inefficient for value creation networks.  Early diagnose systems were mainly used by larger companies rather than by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our approach This project was divided into several sections. First, change drivers were identified, evaluated and made measurable by means of key data on organisational and value creation network level. Second, individual organisational, process and technology-based change enablers within a value creation network were identified and made available to ensure a pro-active response to emerging change drivers. Third, the evaluation of investments in organisational change helped to identify the best possible level for the ability to manage organisational change. Methods and concepts were developed and implemented as a prototype together with the members of the consortium.

Results and prospects As a result of the project all members of the consortium are able to early identify, measure and evaluate change drivers and enablers within their value creation networks. The members have been provided with guidelines, use a software prototype, run a business game and a network training.  A prerequisite of achieving tangible results is the participation of industry partners from different sectors such as engineering, plant construction, and automotive. The results of the research project will be further transferred to industry and supported by an appropriate concept for application (Vertumnus transfer concept). The results are additionally disseminated to non-funded fields by publications as well as participation in trade fairs and conferences.